Established in 2005, Malta Web Hosting has many years of experience in the web hosting industry. Like every other business we started on a small scale; We helped our family and friends with their web hosting needs that by time grew into a fully dedicated hosting service, taking on personal and business clients alike and learning along the way.

Over the years we have improved our services by exploring new technologies and upgrading our hardware and network infrastructure. This makes it possible for us to be the no. 1 web hosting provider on the island.

Whilst keeping our feet on the ground we are able to offer the best and most competitive service and pricing alike, tending to our clients with individual attention and making sure that whatever service we provide you you get our 100% at all times.

We are looking to grow further and have implemented a yearly upgrade program making sure we keep up with the latest technologies which keeping our prices as low as possible.

We are looking forward to making business.

MaltaWebHosting Team



Be better, be different! Malta Web Hosting boasts having the best service with reason. We have servers located across the EU, US & Asia with the best hardware and network infrastructure backing us. We are serious when we say that we are No.1 and we are here to prove it… just let us.


Always up to date. Our servers automatically install their own updates patching any security loops & bugs that may arise. We also automatically update to the latest version of our hosting tools giving our clients the best and the latest as soon as they are made available to us.


We GUARANTEE that you will not find cheaper pricing plan in Malta. Our competition overcharge clients and that is called simply greedy. We have set our prices to meet everybody’s pockets. So if you are just starting up or already a success, you know that the price is always right with us.